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  • Grant F&A Rates

  • Add Attributes by Type and Value
  • Copy Attributes from another Fund
  • Funding Information
  • Estimated total annual revenues/expenditures
  • Are there any restrictions placed on the funds by the donor or any other person or group outside USNH?
  • Are these funds internally designated by Trustees or administration for a specific purpose? If so, fax/email documents to the Controller's Office.
  • Are the operations in this account affiliated with any organization external to USNH? If so, fax/email agreements to the Controller's Office.
  • Operational Information
  • Are the account activities expected to be self-supporting?
  • Will there be sales of goods or Services? To Whom?
  • Will bills be issued for sales or services to customers?
  • Will there be inventories of goods held for resale?
  • Is Unrelated Business Income Tax or NH Meals and Rooms Tax applicable to account activities?
  • Authorization Information
  • Person Responsible for Reconciliation
  • Use this space to Explain all questions to which the answer is YES or fax/email documentation to the Controller's Office
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